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    Small delivery bags have never been more fashionable. More and more people are looking for a small bag they can take with them. Why? Because the small messenger bag allows you to accompany you in all your travels without taking up too much space. It is in this logic that the small messenger bag can even be used for travel. Indeed, its small size makes it a perfect carry-on luggage.

    A small size product will also save you a considerable amount of weight on all your travels. Traditionally carried by mail carriers and deliverymen, the delivery bag is an essential item to get around easily without feeling the weight on your back of a traditional backpack. From now on, a small bag will be able to accompany you and carry all your most precious objects. You will quickly get used to using this small product which will reduce your encumbrance in all your movements.

    Do you also feel like carrying a small bag over your shoulder when you travel? Modern and incredibly functional, all our small messenger bag are available in all possible combinations to please both men and women. These lightweight bags will give you the feeling of being free to walk and focus on the essentials. Browse through our different product pages on this collection page and find the bag you need and that matches your design desires!

    Why should you choose a small messenger bag?

    The small version of the messenger bag will appeal to all those who don't want to be burdened with a big bag. Our different ranges of colors and materials will revisit the classics of this type of bag. With a smaller volume, you'll be able to easily choose bright colors, prints and looks to match your most elegant outfit. This freedom is very nice and allows you to explore a maximum of possibilities in your choice of small messenger bag.

    If the messenger bag has become a real trendy object, the small messenger bags will satisfy you for their small size and their practicality. Much more compact, a small size bag will limit the weight of what you carry and will avoid the too bulky products which are often a waste of space. If you have relatively few items to store in your bag, you will love to surround yourself with a small shoulder bag. Our online store offers the widest selection of small shoulder bags that you can take with you for all uses. At work, on a trip, on a weekend with friends or to go to the gym, the small messenger bag is the ideal accessory for your daily movements without taking up too much space.

    A shoulder bag to take everywhere with you

    Unlike the large messenger bag, the small messenger bag can follow you on all your trips with ease. You will no longer need to carry around a bag that is too big for your needs and that will take up too much space. The small bag is a practical product that will allow you to store your most important objects: notebook, touch tablets, pencils.

    The shoulder strap has nothing to prove anymore as it is more comfortable than a traditional backpack. Indeed, this accessory allows you to carry the bag on the side of your body without having to support the total weight of the bag on your back. Moreover, from a security point of view, having this type of bag will allow you to always have an eye on it. Thus, you will be able to avoid many thefts. Moreover, the various zippers and snaps will allow you to store all your personal items with the utmost security!

    This small carrying bag comes in many styles. Anime fans will love our bags featuring My Neighbor Totoro and the most cult-like franchises that fans will love. Leather bag afficionados will love our many black leather or brown leather bags to make your messenger bag is a professional that can be used for business purposes. Finally, many small vintage bags will please all those who want to make a flashback and dress with the fashion of the 80s.

    A wide choice of materials to find the perfect bag!

    Our online store offers a wide range of materials that will appeal to all tastes! If our pretty pink canvas bags would appeal to all women who like the girly side, our pretty leather bags would also appeal to entrepreneurs and to all those who are looking for an elegant bag. Our types of bags will suit all types of use: whether it's going to class, to work or just relaxing outside your home with a bag you can store everything in! For all the leather fans out there, our top of the line leather bags will love taking care of their new bag. To do so, we have put together a wide category of accessories to maintain your leather over time. Among them, you will like our leather cleaner or our leather wax!

    A practical and comfortable bag

    The small messenger bag allows you to sort things out! Often, most bags contain many items that we pile up and take up a lot of space, when we never need them! A small shoulder bag will force you to sort out more often and keep only the items you really need! In this type of bag, you will be happy to store your phone, your bank card, car keys and a single lipstick!

    Because yes, the small messenger bag is above all a practical accessory. Its small size will not prevent you from having many compartments in which to store your stuff. Nice pockets and closures on the side of the product will allow you to store your small objects. You'll love taking care of this small messenger bag and organizing all your stuff in a neat, light weight bag that won't clutter your mind!

    Not sure which bag is the right size to buy? Feel free to browse our product pages and read the technical information about our bags. You can also consult our FAQ to read all the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our happy customers. Finally, if you still have questions or need information about our products and our delivery conditions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service through our contact form. It will be our pleasure to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

    Buy your small messenger bag from the largest online supplier is a key player in the online bag market! From the very professional side of the small leather messenger bag to the childish universe of our mini Kawai bag, you will love this sober and incredibly comfortable version of this delivery bag that is worn on the shoulder. Men and women alike love this type of bag that can be used for all purposes and in all circumstances.

    The original shoulder bags have a long strap that can be worn over the shoulder, across the body. This accessory will give you a very elegant look and will allow you to carry your daily accessories with you. Each of our bags is made of high quality materials. Each of our products has a flap to close the bag as well as pockets and pouches to store your small items. These pockets are usually located on the side or inside of your bag and are easily accessible.

    In addition to its practicality, the handbag can also give style to your outfit and turn it into a real fashion piece! On our website, you will find a wide selection of small messenger bags classified by style: leather messenger bags, canvas messenger bag or vintage messenger bags are the categories that please our happy customers the most. More than 50,000 customers have trusted us and love the products we offer on our online site. Why not you? at the service of your products

    You want to buy a small messenger bag for yourself or to offer as a gift? For over 10 years, has become the online reference for delivery bags. True tribute to the pioneer bags that were used by the letter carriers, the messenger bags have now become an essential object that accompanies both high school students and businessmen! And for good reason, their small size and their innovative and trendy design accompany you without taking up too much space. Moreover, the shoulder strap used allows a fair distribution of the loads so that you never feel the weight of what you carry.

    Many customers have trusted us and found the bag they liked. Thanks to our wide range of styles, we offer many small messenger bags that are suitable for all types of uses and for all styles. Need a small messenger bag to get around or take a ride without having a bag that is too big? Browse our collection of bags and find the accessory that suits your needs and style.

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