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    The vintage messenger bag you need!

    For all vintage messenger bag lovers, you will love our wide selection of shoulder bags and messenger bags! Traditionally carried by delivery men, our old school bags are perfect for anyone who wants to carry a chic and contracted bag. The vintage messenger bag is the perfect accessory for those who want a retro design bag in tribute to the American culture. Indeed, these bags were used by mailmen and bicycle deliverymen to store the mail without encumbering the deliveryman because of the weight. The shoulder strap allows a fair distribution of the loads in order not to weaken the carrier.

    By buying a vintage messenger bag, you will be sure not to feel the weight of the contents of your bag. You will be able to move more easily in your daily life with this real accessory to the old-school way of life.

    A wide choice of products for a retro touch

    This type of bag reminds us of distant memories seen in movies and TV series. Often, the heroes carried this type of bag: whether they were detectives or delivery men, these bags remind us of the practical and sophisticated side! Ideal to store many things, it is the accessory as practical as elegant. You too, let yourself be tempted by these vintage messenger bags very chic and refined. You will love to wear them on all occasions, from your daily commute to your professional or business trips.

    Our online store offers a wide selection of vintage messenger bags in leather, nylon and canvas. You will find our different collections classified by size, by color and by material. These different categories are important. For example, you will be sure to find an old school messenger bag in the right size to fit your laptop. This way, you will be sure to find a bag that matches your taste and the way you want to use it. Enjoy a secure payment on our website and a fast delivery worldwide to fully enjoy your purchase as soon as possible! With over 50,000 satisfied customers, trust the world leader in bags and luggage for men and women and find the product that suits you!

    The vintage leather messenger bag

    Messenger bags are available in many styles and materials. Among them, leather! The vintage leather messenger bags pay homage to the oldest bags carried by the deliverymen. Very elegant, this type of bag is highly recommended to place your most personal effects. This high-end fashion accessory will bring a touch of luxury to your look. If you're looking for a laptop case or a bag to take to work, you'll love this vintage leather messenger bag with reinforced compartments for your personal items, zippered pockets but also patch pockets to store whatever you want. Equip yourself with a chic and elegant accessory to move around with all the stuff you need to get to work or to a meeting.

    Check out our different models and find the vintage messenger bags that suit your taste. Smooth leather, patent leather, scaly leather or quilted leather, choose THE bag that you like and that you can take everywhere with you.

    A doubt? A question about our products? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible. We also invite you to consult the product pages of the different bags that interest you. These pages will give you a lot of information about the technical and visual characteristics of our premium bags. You can also read the customer reviews and consult some tips on how to perfectly maintain your bags, regardless of the material! Don't wait any longer and succumb to the pleasure of an elegant and refined bag with a retro touch for all your travels.

    The denim messenger bag

    The denim vintage messenger bag reminds us of a bygone era when it was fun to go out with your friends! Straight out of the 80s and cult sagas like Back to the Future or Stranger Things, this bag for men and women will make you vibrate with nostalgia. Adopt a retro and elegant look with this denim messenger bag and its shoulder strap for optimal comfort. You can close your bag with the elegant snap on the flap of the bag

    You will quickly love to wear this type of bag for all your trips to study and for all your travels, both private and professional. Discover this best-selling product available in two colors for a messenger bag always adapted to your outfits of the day!

    The canvas shoulder bag 

    For a spring and country look, opt for a vintage messenger bag in canvas or nylon! With this retro bag, many compartments allow you to organize your items in the right order. You can also store your clothes during short trips but also slip in your laptops, umbrellas, glasses and other everyday objects.

    All our products are made of high quality, breathable and abrasion resistant fabric. The lightweight fabric is designed not to tear. Your objects are thus safe. Our vintage multipurpose messenger bags are suitable for all seasons. They can be used for everyday life but also for travel, hiking, going to school, cycling or going to work. Very functional, this is a great gift idea for all your friends and family!

    Our shoulder bags are much more practical than a regular backpack. Indeed, shoulder bags represent a significant advantage in the choice of a vintage messenger bag. For example, they have a better ergonomics and are easier to maneuver with a simple movement of the arm to access the objects you want. While remaining elegant, they allow you to easily organize your belongings thanks to the presence of compartments. Women have always preferred shoulder bags, and men now prefer more practical bags that remain elegant with a touch of vintage.

    Our online store offers a wide collection of canvas bags for an old school style that you will love! Our online store offers a wide collection of canvas bags for an old school style that you will love! Let us guide you through our products and find the accessory that best suits your desires and your look!

    A messenger bag as practical as it is elegant

    Long used by deliverymen and mailmen in England and the United States, the messenger bag is a bag that is attached to the shoulder with a strap. In fact, the person who carries a messenger bag does’nt feel the weight of the bag because it rests on the shoulder. Today, this type of bag has expanded to a wider audience and has become a real fashion accessory.

    The many compartments of the bag allow you to store your items in the way you fly. Wearing the bag on the front or side allows you to always have an eye on the bag to avoid having your most precious items stolen. The straps or the zipper depending on the model allows the closure of the bag very quickly. This very nice vintage messenger bag can be used for both personal and professional purposes. Moreover, its small size makes it an ideal carry-on bag to travel by plane without paying hold luggage!

    Ideal for carrying your daily business, the messenger back will bring a touch of style and retro to all your city looks. As practical as it is aesthetic, this bag will allow you to be always equipped and to have at your disposal all the accessories you want. We took a lot of pleasure in preparing this unique collection of vintage delivery bags, so we can't wait for you to discover them!

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    For more than 10 years, has been offering a wide range of bags and purses for our many customers. With more than 50,000 sales since our inception, we can boast of being the leader in the English-speaking world of transport bags. To reach this status, we mobilize our know-how in luggage manufacturing and noble materials to produce high quality products in the era of time. Our values and know-how are very important to us. We cultivate our know-how every day to offer you innovative, stylish, trendy and incredibly practical and easy-to-use vintage messenger bags.

    Our store also offers a wide range of high-end accessories to maintain your bags. Among our most popular accessories, water bottles and thermos flasks to take everywhere with you, but also notebooks, padlocks for your bags and a spray to maintain the leather of the bag. Don't wait any longer and trust the know-how and experience of for your daily luggage!

    A desire? A need? This collection of vintage messenger bag will suit all those who want to find the nobility of yesteryear of the use of this bag. Discover our different collections classified by materials, by style and by size to find the vintage messenger bag which corresponds to your expectations!

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