Anime Messenger Bags

    The messengers bags in tribute to the most cult anime!

    Are you a fan of anime and manga? If so, you will love our collection of bags dedicated to the world of anime and heroes from the most cult franchises.

    Japanese anime are great memories of our childhood and still accompany us today! Sometimes coming from manga, anime has rocked our youth and remind us a lot of nostalgia. From now on, it is possible to take your favorite heroes everywhere with you thanks to our collection of messenger bags dedicated to anime! The opportunity to own a practical and comfortable accessory with the effigy of your favorite anime. On our online store dedicated to messenger bags, you will find a large choice of shoulder bags with your favorite heroes: Naruto, One PieceFullMetal Alchemist or from the mythical Studio Ghibli.

    Find your Japanese anime heroes on a messenger bag

    Each item is meticulously crafted from noble materials such as leather, canvas or nylon. Sturdy and easy to care for, all our shoulder bags will offer you unprecedented comfort. From now on, you will enjoy carrying your stuff everywhere with you, whether you go to work, to friends' houses or to organize a short trip abroad!

    The tributes to Japanese anime are more or less discreet depending on the bag you choose. For some, you can see the nice logo of the franchise on the bag. In other cases, beautiful graphics or the eponymous characters of the franchise will be on the flap of the anime messenger bag and even on all sides of the bag on some products.

    Naruto, the anime messenger bag for all fans of Japanese culture

    Shōnen manga that became a cult Japanese anime, the franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto takes you back to childhood with a collection of anime messenger bags from the world of ninjas. These anime are set in a retro-futuristic world where ninjas and samurais are real military powers. Naruto, one of the most famous of them, will have to face the nine gigantic creatures called "Tailed Demons" and train a whole army of ninja by teaching them to fight with strong values. offers you to take with you the main cult characters of the saga! Indeed, we propose different models of anime messenger bags with the characters of Naruto and Nagato. The colors of these bags correspond to the characters and the colors used in the cartoons. Each bag has the signature of the character with the logo of the anime Naruto.

    You'll love using this bag for your everyday personal belongings. Whether you want to take a trip to Japan or simply pay tribute to your favorite anime, these bags are very practical and functional. You will be able to store your things thanks to the many compartments of this essential fashion accessory!

    FullMetal Alchemist

    Fullmetal Alchemist is a manga created by Hiromu Arakawa. A true international success, this franchise deserved a beautifully crafted messenger bag on our store. In the country of Amestris where Alchemy is a universal science, two brothers who lost their mother will bring her back thanks to it. Alchemy, defying the law that forbids human transmutation. Discover our collection of shoulder bags dedicated to this cult franchise.

    We offer you a collection of messenger bags from this cult franchise. These beautiful gray and beige anime messenger bags are based on the drawings from the manga with these world famous iconic characters. Their light colors sublimate these magnificent bags that you can wear for all circumstances. Indeed, the shoulder bag intelligently distributes the weight of your messenger bag. Thus, you will not have any more pain in the back and you will be able to travel light with this very practical fashion accessory. This bag can follow you in all your personal or professional trips thanks to its practical flap and its zipper to keep all your personal items safe.

    If you are a fan of FullMetal Alchemist and all the works created by Hiromu Arakawa, you will love to carry this practical, comfortable animated messenger bag in the image of the heroes of the anime!

    One piece messenger bag

    Another series of shōen manga, One Piece is an anime created by Eiichirō Oda. The anime follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who acquired the properties of rubber after eating a demon fruit. Along with his entire pirate crew, Luffy discovers Grande Line in search of a treasure known as "One Piece". With over 1000 episodes, One Piece is a Japanese anime that has spanned many generations. Since 1997, the series has had an impressive fan base that meets at conventions around the world. 

    If you want to go to one of these conventions, look good with our beautiful One Piece Anime Messenger Bag! This simple and stylish shoulder bag will allow you to take your personal items everywhere with you. Its zippered compartments and giant One Piece logo flap are sure to please. The One Piece manga franchise is the best-selling manga in the world with a circulation of 516.5 million copies! If you're one of those fans, you'll love carrying your new One Piece messenger bag!

    Tokyo Ghoul messenger bag

    Former manga turned anime, Tokyo Ghoul is an original creation of Sui Ishida published in Weekly Young Jump magazine since 2011. Its anime adaptation was produced by the Pierrot studio, which also produces Naruto, and another adaptation was even released in theaters, making this franchise incredibly cult worldwide. The story tells the evolution of creatures called ghouls that feed on human flesh in the city of Tokyo. We follow a half-human half-goul character who will find himself in the middle of a bloody war. offers you a unique anime messenger bag with the effigy of Tokyo Ghoul for all the fans of the franchise. You will love this grey bag with the teeth of these scary creatures. The logo of the franchise is placed on the flap of the bag. Very practical and functional, this travel bag in tribute to the old messenger bags will allow you to place all your stuff. You have the possibility to choose it in several sizes in order to store your computer and even your books. The bag's shoulder strap distributes the weight of the bag and allows you to carry it without really feeling the weight on your body. For an escapade of several days, this Tokyo Ghoul messenger bag can be transformed into a travel bag and accompany you in all your travels!

    Discover all our references to Japanese anime and choose the bag that fits all your tastes: Dead Note, Demon Slayer, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z!

    The practical and elegant anime messenger bag

    Inspired by the bags carried by mail carriers and couriers during their deliveries, messenger bags are as practical as they are comfortable to carry. The shoulder strap allows you to spread the load evenly over your shoulder. You won't feel the weight that you would with the same load if you were wearing a traditional backpack.

    Over the years, messenger bags have become a fashion accessory and are worn by students and businessmen alike. Practical, they are composed of compartments in order to store your most precise objects: laptops, notebook, books and your personal accessories. The main advantage of this bag is that you can carry it in front of you or on the side so that you always have your bag at the corner of your eye. This way you can avoid theft if you live in a big city. 

    The load distribution of this shoulder bag is very practical for everyday use. For going to work, you will love this Japanese anime messenger bag. But that's not all: its small size and practicality make it very easy to use when you want to go on a trip. Indeed, size allows you to take it everywhere with you. Thus, this type of bag is the perfect accessory as carry-on luggage., the number 1 online courier bag

    For many years, has been the leading online retailer of travel bags. With more than 200 references on our online store, browse the different collections of anime messenger bags and choose the model whose size, design or material suits you best.

    We have many messenger bags dedicated to anime such as Hatsune Muki, One Piece, Sailor Moon, ChainSaw Man or Dragon Ball Z and Attack Titan. All these bags are offered in several materials such as canvas, leather or nylon. Their different sizes allow you to choose the bag you will buy according to your needs. For example, depending on the size of your laptop, you can choose an anime messenger bag from 13 inch to 16 inch. You will be sure to choose the right size bag for your laptop! Any doubt? A question? Don't hesitate to consult the frequently asked questions from our customers. Discover our different categories and choose the anime messenger bag that best suits your use and lifestyle.

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